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Season: 2017/18
Event Date: 27th May 2018 11:00 AM
Total Nominations: 19
Track: Mid-Western Speedway
Car Owner

Date: VX2

Car Owner: Robert Whiteside

Driver: Robert Whiteside

Sponsors: Horsham off road / Horsham concrete

Date: V4

Car Owner: Carly Walsh

Driver: Carly Walsh

Sponsors: Indy race parts , Gibbtrans , Tyre factory warrnambool

Date: VX14

Car Owner: Shaun Lyness

Driver: Shaun Lyness

Sponsors: Lyness steel fabricators / Westvic sheds

Date: VX15

Car Owner: Greg Bishop

Driver: Greg Bishop

Sponsors: Bushys fencing & plumbing

Date: VX27

Car Owner: Bree Hall

Driver: Bree Hall

Sponsors: Hall 4x4 / Wizard Plumbing

Date: V31

Car Owner: Mick Rigby

Driver: Elira Degrandi

Sponsors: Rigby Bros Quarry Products & Readymixed Concrete / G T Hydraulics

Date: V38

Car Owner: Matthew Abbott

Driver: Jordan Abbott


Date: V39

Car Owner: Tyson Benson

Driver: Tyson Benson

Sponsors: Westvic sheds ,Otway civil , Sh earthmoving , walshy\'s fencing

Date: V45

Car Owner: Bhoe Paterson

Driver: Bhoe Paterson

Sponsors: Brian Paterson painting / Wren excavation

Date: V60

Car Owner: Steven Hateley

Driver: Steven Hateley

Sponsors: HORSHAM OFFROAD / Carman’s windscreens

Date: V66

Car Owner: Marc Evans

Driver: Marc Evans

Sponsors: Parr Motorsports / Tarawill Building Design, Farren Group Land Surveyors, Liftfit Australia, The Mindful Centre, BrandFX

Date: VX69

Car Owner: John Rotheram


Sponsors: Mega Logistics Taylor’d FAbrication / Geelong truck sales

Date: V77

Car Owner: Alex Thomson

Driver: Alex Thomson

Sponsors: Lowes Auto n 4x4 / SWI

Date: V79

Car Owner: Clint McLaren

Driver: Clint McLaren

Sponsors: Muzztrans / National truck signs

Date: V86

Car Owner: Bronwyn Van Ginneken

Driver: Brony Van Ginneken


Date: VX90

Car Owner: Daniel Kelly

Driver: Daniel Kelly

Sponsors: Klemm transport Walsh road takeaway / VG build nos racing parts

Date: V91

Car Owner: Bianca Klemm

Driver: Bianca Klemm

Sponsors: Klemm transport

Date: V92

Car Owner: Ray Klemm

Driver: Ray Klemm

Sponsors: Klemm transport

Date: V93

Car Owner: Travis Millar

Driver: Travis Millar

Sponsors: Millar motors / Bomb disposals

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