Round 13 Club Championship

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Series Name: NSW Wingless Club Championship
Season: 2017/18
Event Date: 24th Feb 2018 2:00 PM
Total Nominations: 35
Track: Valvoline Raceway
Car Owner

Date: NX3

Car Owner: Jeff Pyne

Driver: Mitchell Pyne

Sponsors: Tan Van

Date: N3

Car Owner: Sheridan Sansom

Driver: Sheridan Sansom

Sponsors: Kareela, Dingo Ezy Soluations, Mad Harry Steel, SRT, Alien Graphics, Fiberglass

Date: NX5

Car Owner: Max Risbridger

Driver: Max Risbridger


Date: N5

Car Owner: Mark Blyton

Driver: Mark Blyton

Sponsors: Dyno Flow Exhausts / Dtr

Date: N7

Car Owner: Jeff Neve

Driver: Monique Davis

Sponsors: Century Batteries / Elite Property Maintenance

Date: NX11

Car Owner: John Newman

Driver: John Newman


Date: N14

Car Owner: John McRae

Driver: John McRae

Sponsors: Crossbones Gallery & Design/Alien Graphics / Webber Industries/Thurston Signs & Engraving

Date: N15

Car Owner: Jamison Blyton

Driver: Jamison Blyton

Sponsors: Dyno Flow Exhausts / Darcys Truck Repairs

Date: N16

Car Owner: Ashleigh Jack

Driver: Ashleigh Jack

Sponsors: Aussie Forklifts, Atlantic Oil, Interfit / Pass Powdercoating, Western Filters

Date: N19

Car Owner: Cody Boulding

Driver: Cody Boulding

Sponsors: Wells transport .Yass valley tyres .Yass outdoor power centre.Country charm.

Date: NX21

Car Owner: Kyle Ionn

Driver: Kyle Ionn

Sponsors: DSR Cranes

Date: N24

Car Owner: John Webb

Driver: John Webb

Sponsors: CNL Plumbing, BT Tipper Hire, Lobsey Property / Premier Plant Hire , Gulf Western Oil, Camex

Date: NX24

Car Owner: Brad Angel

Driver: Kyle Angel

Sponsors: Angels Roofing Accessories / Unicote

Date: N27

Car Owner: Parker Eveleigh

Driver: Parker Eveleigh

Sponsors: Michael\'s Mechanical and Speedway Repairs / Bestmann Photography. Webber Racing Industries

Date: N28

Car Owner: Matthew Munn

Driver: Matthew Munn


Date: N29

Car Owner: Michael Sammut

Driver: Michael Sammut


Date: N30

Car Owner: Jack Gray

Driver: Jack Gray

Sponsors: Dubbo Landscaping / Mackay Ag And Earthmoving

Date: NX31

Car Owner: Joel Rhind

Driver: Joel Rhind

Sponsors: Kingsfeld Excavations & Haulage Contractors / Blackshaws motor body, paint and repairs

Date: N34

Car Owner: Adam Hotchkis



Date: N35

Car Owner: Sean Mayo

Driver: Sean Mayo

Sponsors: Badass Graphics / American Tire & Racing Services

Date: N42

Car Owner: Steven Pacchiarotta

Driver: Zac Pacchiarotta

Sponsors: Statewide Forklifts/Nichiyu Electric Forklifts/Mr Filter / Axis Industrial Tyres/BKT Tyres/SWFRacing

Date: N45

Car Owner: Troy Carey

Driver: Troy Carey

Sponsors: Supreme Heat / Repco / Tullamore Hotel / Troy Carey Transport

Date: NX48

Car Owner: Andrew Williams

Driver: Tyson Williams

Sponsors: Fast Print Studio / TWR

Date: N53

Car Owner: Jeffrey Thomas

Driver: Jeffrey Thomas

Sponsors: Sparkelec,

Date: N57

Car Owner: Harley Smee

Driver: Harley Smee


Date: N58

Car Owner: Luke Sayre

Driver: Luke Sayre

Sponsors: Aussie Forklift Repairs

Date: N61

Car Owner: Peter Granger

Driver: Peter Granger

Sponsors: Super Charge Batteries / Lee & Thomas auto electrical

Date: N72

Car Owner: Coby Elliott

Driver: Coby Elliott

Sponsors: Signsrus / M&M home maintenance

Date: NX72

Car Owner: Troy Baker

Driver: Troy Baker

Sponsors: Baker Preciosion Engines, Molong Smash Repairs / Baker Installations, Swim Sport Coaching

Date: N83

Car Owner: Darryl Marshall

Driver: Darryl Marshall


Date: N84

Car Owner: Jarrad Rust

Driver: Jarrad Rust

Sponsors: Fire quip

Date: N86

Car Owner: Nicholas Tatnell

Driver: Nicholas Tatnell

Sponsors: craft differentials / dk custom parts

Date: N89

Car Owner: Jacqui Salmon

Driver: Jacqui Salmon

Sponsors: american race tires and services / race safety

Date: N97

Car Owner: Brad Mock

Driver: Kyle Mock


Date: N99

Car Owner: Mitchell O'Brien

Driver: Mitchell O'Brien

Sponsors: Xpresso Mobile Cafe\' / Autotek Mechanical & Heavy Vehicle Services

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