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Season: 2016/17
Event Date: 19th Nov 2016 5:00 PM
Total Nominations: 36
Track: Borderline Speedway
Event Notes:
Car Owner

Date: V35

Car Owner: Glenn Watts

Driver: Glenn Watts

Results: A - 1st

Points: 0

Date: V43

Car Owner: Daniel Storer

Driver: Daniel Storer

Results: A - 2nd

Points: 0

Date: V28

Car Owner: Luke Weel

Driver: Luke Weel

Results: A - 3rd

Points: 0

Date: V93

Car Owner: Travis Millar


Results: A - 4th

Points: 0

Date: V32

Car Owner: Adrian Densley

Driver: Dayn Bentvelzen

Results: A - 5th

Points: 0

Date: S21

Car Owner: Matthew Kennedy

Driver: Matthew Kennedy

Results: A - 6th

Points: 0

Date: S35

Car Owner: Mitchell Broome

Driver: Mitchell Broome

Results: A - 7th

Points: 0

Date: S57

Car Owner: Robert Heard

Driver: Robert Heard

Results: A - 8th

Points: 0

Date: V4

Car Owner: Carly Walsh

Driver: Carly Walsh

Results: A - 9th

Points: 0

Date: V81

Car Owner: Matt Bartlett

Driver: Rhys Baxter

Results: A - 10th

Points: 0

Date: V16

Car Owner: Wayne Logue

Driver: Wayne Logue

Results: A - 11th

Points: 0

Date: V14

Car Owner: Michael Uebergang

Driver: Michael Uebergang

Results: A - 12th

Points: 0

Date: V95

Car Owner: Geoff Cook

Driver: Geoff Cook

Results: A - 13th

Points: 0

Date: V2

Car Owner: Larry Fitzpatrick

Driver: Todd Hobson

Results: A - DNF

Points: 0

Date: S6

Car Owner: Micheal Ross

Driver: Michael Ross

Results: A - DNF

Points: 0

Date: V33

Car Owner: Luke Storer

Driver: Luke Storer

Results: A - DNF

Points: 0

Date: S46

Car Owner: Spencer Taylor

Driver: Spencer Taylor

Results: A - DNF

Points: 0

Date: V61

Car Owner: Peter Green

Driver: Marcus Green

Results: A - DNF

Points: 0

Date: V77

Car Owner: Alex Thomson

Driver: Alex Thomson

Results: A - DNF

Points: 0

Date: S85

Car Owner: Trent Gravestock

Driver: Trent Gravestock

Results: A - DNF

Points: 0

Date: V78

Car Owner: Jason Langdon

Driver: Jason Langdon

Results: B - 5th

Points: 0

Date: V44

Car Owner: Michael Parry

Driver: Michael Parry

Results: B - 6th

Points: 0

Date: V67

Car Owner: Ray Halesworth

Driver: Christopher Halesworth

Results: B - 8th

Points: 0

Date: v60

Car Owner: Steven Hateley

Driver: Steven Hateley

Results: B - 9th

Points: 0

Date: V39

Car Owner: Tyson Benson

Driver: Tyson Benson

Results: B - 10th

Points: 0

Date: V101

Car Owner: Kevin Schembri

Driver: Warren Sell

Results: B - 11th

Points: 0

Date: V31

Car Owner: Mick Rigby

Driver: Mick Rigby

Results: B - 12th

Points: 0

Date: v72

Car Owner: Tyson Bartlett

Driver: Tyson Bartlett

Results: B - 13th

Points: 0

Date: v74

Car Owner: Aaron Cunningham

Driver: Aaron Cunningham

Results: B - 14th

Points: 0

Date: v53

Car Owner: Mitchell Smith

Driver: Mitchell Smith

Results: B - 15th

Points: 0

Date: V144

Car Owner: Glen Harris

Driver: Glen Harris

Results: B - 16th

Points: 0

Date: S19

Car Owner: Michael Spoljaric

Driver: Michael Spoljaric

Results: B - DNF

Points: 0

Date: V23

Car Owner: Mathew Balcombe

Driver: Matthew Symons

Results: B - DNF

Points: 0

Date: v97

Car Owner: Travis Bergmeier

Driver: Travis Bergmeir

Results: B - DNS

Points: 0

Date: V111

Car Owner: Graham Payne

Driver: Graham Payne

Results: B - DNF

Points: 0

Date: v114

Car Owner: Shaun Lyness

Driver: Shaun Lyness

Results: B - DNF

Points: 0

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