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Season: 2017/18
Event Date: 26th Jan 2018 4:00 PM
Total Nominations: 12
Track: Rosedale Speedway
Car Owner

Date: VX4

Car Owner: Jaidyn Job

Driver: Jaidyn Job

Sponsors: Vudu kustumz - EJM financial services / A1forklifts - ZX1 extralube

Date: VX5

Car Owner: Ran MacLurkin

Driver: Ran MacLurkin

Sponsors: The Grim Ruiner / Moorabbin Auto Spares

Date: V24

Car Owner: Michael Lovell

Driver: Michael Lovell

Sponsors: Lovell Motorsport / LWR Motorsports

Date: VX27

Car Owner: Bree Hall

Driver: Bree Hall

Sponsors: Hall 4x4 / Wizard Plumbing

Date: V47

Car Owner: Gavin Fitzpatrick

Driver: Gavin Fitzpatrick

Sponsors: Cooper Street Self Storage

Date: V55

Car Owner: Luke Tuckett

Driver: Luke Tuckett

Sponsors: Tuckett Motorsport / central vic earthworks

Date: V64

Car Owner: Brittany Kuypers

Driver: Brittany Kuypers

Sponsors: B&B Off Road Engineering / Schmidt Alloy Products

Date: V65

Car Owner: Brett Kuypers

Driver: Brett Kuypers

Sponsors: B&D Service Centre / Kuypers Racing

Date: V66

Car Owner: Marc Evans

Driver: Marc Evans

Sponsors: Parr Motorsports / Tarawill BD-Farren Land

Date: VX69

Car Owner: John Rotheram


Sponsors: Mega Logistics Taylor’d FAbrication / Geelong truck sales

Date: VX77

Car Owner: Travis Evans

Driver: Travis Evans

Sponsors: LWR Motorsports

Date: V83

Car Owner: Todd Hobson

Driver: Todd Hobson

Sponsors: Russell Steel Sales / Tooradin Automotive, Kool Freighters, Pearce Performance Products, Hobson Innovations, Polish N Shine, Salt Electrical

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