Season: 2021/22
Event Date: 2nd Jan 2022 5:00 PM
Total Nominations: 23
Track: Perth Motorplex
Event Notes: Nominations to be made and paid via Perth Motorplex Website - 2 x Night Nomination is $250.00
Car Owner

Date: W84

Car Owner: Daran Humfrey

Driver: Daran Humfrey

Results:  - 1st

Points: 0

Date: W90

Car Owner: Daniel Keen

Driver: Daniel Keen

Results:  - 2nd

Points: 0

Date: W56

Car Owner: Brendon Wedge

Driver: Brendon Wedge

Results:  - 3rd

Points: 0

Date: W3

Car Owner: Matthew Iwanow

Driver: Matthew Iwanow

Results:  - 4th

Points: 0

Date: W78

Car Owner: Mathew Fellowes

Driver: Mathew Fellowes

Results:  - 5th

Points: 0

Date: W2

Car Owner: Matthew Iwanow

Driver: Blake Iwanow

Results:  - 6th

Points: 0

Date: W9

Car Owner: Tom Britton

Driver: Tom Britton

Results:  - 7th

Points: 0

Date: W4

Car Owner: Dean Gittos

Driver: Dean Gittos

Results:  - 8th

Points: 0

Date: W5

Car Owner: Brad Fitzgerald

Driver: Brad Fitzgerald

Results:  - 9th

Points: 0

Date: W29

Car Owner: Chad Pittard

Driver: Chad Pittard

Results:  - 10th

Points: 0

Date: W24

Car Owner: Brandon Sharpe

Driver: Brandon Sharpe

Results:  - 11th

Points: 0

Date: W6

Car Owner: Travis Armstrong

Driver: Travis Armstrong

Results:  - 12th

Points: 0

Date: W13

Car Owner: James Bissaker

Driver: James Bissaker

Results:  - 13th

Points: 0

Date: W34

Car Owner: Robert Clark

Driver: Robert Clark

Results:  - 14th

Points: 0

Date: W8

Car Owner: Gareth Smith

Driver: Gareth Smith

Results:  - 15th

Points: 0

Date: W31

Car Owner: David Worrall

Driver: David Worrall

Results:  - 16th

Points: 0

Date: W77

Car Owner: Jamie Ward

Driver: Jamie Ward

Results:  - 17th

Points: 0

Date: W39

Car Owner: Jarad Glasson

Driver: Jarad Glasson

Results:  - 18th

Points: 0

Date: W74

Car Owner: Adam Bosnjak

Driver: Adam Bosnjak

Results:  - 19th

Points: 0

Date: W23

Car Owner: Garry Walsh

Driver: Kate Elizabeth Walsh

Results:  - DNQ

Points: 0

Date: W54

Car Owner: Leigh Boujos

Driver: Leigh Boujos

Results:  - DNF

Points: 0

Date: W55

Car Owner: Cody Nash

Driver: Cody Nash

Results:  - DNQ

Points: 0

Date: W87

Car Owner: Jackson Condo

Driver: Jackson Condo

Results:  - DNQ

Points: 0

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