Season: 2019/20
Max Nominations: 0
Total Rounds: 2
Series Cost: $250.00
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Car Owner
Rd 1   Rd 2  
Total Points

Position: 1

Car Number: S8

Car Owner: Darryl Sloan

Driver: Darryl Sloan

Points: 0

Position: 2

Car Number: N41

Car Owner: Jason Bates

Driver: Jason Bates

0 0

Points: 0

Position: 3

Car Number: N19

Car Owner: Cody Boulding

Driver: Cody Boulding


Points: 0

Position: 4

Car Number: NX37

Car Owner: Jaidyn Boulding

Driver: Jaidyn Boulding


Points: 0

Position: 5

Car Number: N42

Car Owner: Zac Pacchiarotta

Driver: Zac Pacchiarotta

Points: 0

Position: 6

Car Number: VX50

Car Owner: Luke Weel

Driver: Luke Weel

Points: 0

Position: 7

Car Number: Q48

Car Owner: Casey O'Connell

Driver: Casey O'Connell

Points: 0

Position: 8

Car Number: Q49

Car Owner: Cody O'Connell

Driver: Cody O'Connell

Points: 0

Position: 9

Car Number: N2

Car Owner: Tony Powell

Driver: Robert Mazzer

Points: 0

Position: 10

Car Number: V2

Car Owner: Larry Fitzpatrick

Driver: Travis Millar

0 0

Points: 0

Position: 11

Car Number: NX71

Car Owner: David Eggins

Driver: David Eggins

Points: 0

Position: 12

Car Number: NX36

Car Owner: Michael Butcher

Driver: Michael Butcher

0 0

Points: 0

Position: 13

Car Number: NX39


Driver: Matthew Nikiforoff

0 0

Points: 0

Position: 14

Car Number: NX41

Car Owner: Matthew Nikiforoff


0 0

Points: 0

Position: 15

Car Number: N45

Car Owner: Troy Carey

Driver: Troy Carey

0 0

Points: 0

Position: 16

Car Number: NX60

Car Owner: Graham Flood

Driver: Graham Flood

0 0

Points: 0

Position: 17

Car Number: V32

Car Owner: Adrian Densley

Driver: Dayn Bentvelzen

0 0

Points: 0

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