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Series Name: VWS Super Series
Season: 2017/18
Event Date: 17th Mar 2018 4:00 PM
Total Nominations: 33
Track: Borderline Speedway
Event Notes: All nominations for this event are through Registernow at the following webaddress:
Car Owner

Date: VX2

Car Owner: Robert Whiteside

Driver: Robert Whiteside

Sponsors:  / 1234

Date: S2

Car Owner: Jake Ashworth

Driver: Jake Ashworth


Date: V9

Car Owner: Dayn Bentvelzen

Driver: Dayn Bentvelzen

Sponsors: Pro finish Concrete / Autobarn leongatha/ valvoline

Date: V10

Car Owner: Peter Merrett

Driver: Peter Merrett


Date: V11

Car Owner: Mathew Symons

Driver: Matthew Symons


Date: VX14

Car Owner: Shaun Lyness

Driver: Shaun Lyness

Sponsors: Lyness steel fabricators / Westvic sheds

Date: VX15

Car Owner: Greg Bishop

Driver: Greg Bishop


Date: V16

Car Owner: Wayne Logue

Driver: Wayne Logue

Sponsors: u pick car wreckers morwell / cheap tyres morwell

Date: S19

Car Owner: Michael Spoljaric

Driver: Michael Spoljaric

Sponsors: TSM Contractors/Spike's Antennas / Scott Hoskins Engines

Date: V23

Car Owner: Mathew Balcombe

Driver: Mathew Balcombe

Sponsors: Heytesbury Stockfeeds

Date: V26

Car Owner: Luke Schneider

Driver: Luke Schneider


Date: V28

Car Owner: Luke Weel

Driver: Luke Weel

Sponsors: Heytesbury Stockfeeds

Date: V33

Car Owner: Luke Storer

Driver: Luke Storer

Sponsors: castrol edge / bill storer motors

Date: V35

Car Owner: Glenn Watts

Driver: Glenn Watts

Sponsors: Watts Excavations / The Tyre Factory Warrnambool

Date: V36

Car Owner: David Cook

Driver: David Cook

Sponsors: Warrick Young Plumbing / The Tyre Factory Warrnambool

Date: V43

Car Owner: Daniel Storer

Driver: Daniel Storer

Sponsors: castrol edge / bill storer motors

Date: V44

Car Owner: Michael Parry

Driver: Michael Parry

Sponsors: Essendon Ford / Total Dairy Service

Date: VX44

Car Owner: Glen Harris

Driver: Glen Harris

Sponsors: Top Deck Silver Stud /

Date: VX46

Car Owner: Michael McDonald

Driver: Michael McDonald


Date: V49

Car Owner: Ross Jarred

Driver: Ross Jarred


Date: V50

Car Owner: Robert Stevenson

Driver: Robert Stevenson


Date: V52

Car Owner: Scott Irons

Driver: Scott Irons

Sponsors: Set Play, Victory Lane Racegear, Bin Land, Northside Fire Protection

Date: V54

Car Owner: Jeremy Beddison

Driver: Jeremy Beddison

Sponsors: Jbs fuel services , Beddison harvesting , speakmans auto electrical, spw engineering and powder coating , Wimmera cooling systems , Mick smith constructions , Beddison harvesting , Lesters automotive , Wimmera bearings

Date: V60

Car Owner: Steven Hateley

Driver: Steven Hateley


Date: V61

Car Owner: Peter Green

Driver: Marcus Green

Sponsors: Salt Electrical / Active Electrical, Gworks, Mark Haby Motors

Date: V66

Car Owner: Marc Evans

Driver: Marc Evans

Sponsors: Parr Motorsports / Tarawill Building Design, Farren Group Land Surveyors, Liftfit Australia, The Mindful Centre, BrandFX, Bralco Metals

Date: V70

Car Owner: Aron Lawrence

Driver: Aron Lawrence

Sponsors: Metfab / Allstar Graphics

Date: VX78

Car Owner: Luke Stanley

Driver: Luke Stanley


Date: S85

Car Owner: Trent Gravestock

Driver: Trent Gravestock

Sponsors: Diverse Transport Fabrications

Date: VX91

Car Owner: Ben Pollansky

Driver: Ben Pollansky


Date: V92

Car Owner: Ray Klemm

Driver: Ray Klemm

Sponsors: Klemm transport

Date: V95

Car Owner: Geoff Cook

Driver: Geoff Cook

Sponsors: The Tyre Factory Warrnambool / Gulf Western Oil

Date: V98

Car Owner: Peter Logue

Driver: Peter Logue

Sponsors: Cheap Tyres Morwell

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