2/3/2019 - Valvoline Raceway

Peter Craft No Bull 50 Lapper & Round 14

NSW Wingless Sprints
Nominations: 34
9/3/2019 - Nowra NSW

Round 15

NSW Wingless Sprints
Nominations: 13
9/3/2019 - Lismore NSW

Round 11 Blue Ribbon 50 Lapper

NSW Wingless Sprints
Nominations: 10
16/3/2019 - Grafton NSW

Round 10 NR Club Show

NSW Wingless Sprints
Nominations: 4
23/3/2019 - Valvoline Raceway

Round 16

NSW Wingless Sprints
Nominations: 6


A little about NSW Wingless Sprints

Wingless Sprints in NSW have strong numbers across two main centres. The home base in Sydney always attracts healthy car counts with cars travelling in to compete as far as Dubbo. NSW also have strong numbers in the northern region where events at Lismore and Grafton to name a few will regularly have 25+ cars compete.

NSW Wingless Memberships

Want to become a member of the NSW Wingless Sprints Club? Whether you are a car owner, driver, car owner/driver, pit crew member or would just like to be a member of the club, click the link below to fill in the membership forms.

NSW Wingless Membership Forms


Round 13
NSW Wingless Sprints
1. N5 - Mark Blyton
2. N45 - Troy Carey
3. N16 - Ashleigh Jack
4. N19 - Cody Boulding

Full Results

Fast Feb Bonanza Non Points
NSW Wingless Sprints
1. N40 - Bailey Goodwin
2. NX16 - Daniel Sayre
3. N97 - Kyle mock
4. N85 - Brian Briton

Full Results

Round 12
NSW Wingless Sprints
1. NX72 - Nathan Dicker
2. N58 - Luke Sayre
3. N41 - Jason Bates
4. N23 - Jamie Dicker

Full Results

Round 11
NSW Wingless Sprints
1. N41 - Jason Bates
2. N51 - Dean Thomas
3. N25 - Marshall Blyton
4. N16 - Ashleigh Jack

Full Results

Round 9
NSW Wingless Sprints
1. N51 - Dean Thomas
2. N41 - Jason Bates
3. N25 - Marshall Blyton
4. NX48 - Tyson Williams

Full Results

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