NSW Wingless Sprints Inc


Wayne Skipper
0418 228 728

Vice President:

Jason Bates
0413 506 208


John McRae
0411 139 614


Troy Carey
0427 865 274

General Committee:

NSW Tech Officer – Graham Flood 0438 425 826.

General Committe – Jeff Neve, Shaun McDonald, Brian Briton, Adam Bailey, Geoff Sayre and Lindsay Mayo


382 The Boulevarde

Notice Board :

All Regos are currently due. If teams have not received the new rego forms please email Karen Skipper at wayne@kwskipper.com.au Drivers will need to complete the rego forms, provide a passport photo, pay rego and update medicals before you can race. No regos will be done on the day of racing.

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