Season: 2018/19
Event Date: 6th Apr 2019 4:00 PM
Total Nominations: 20
Track: Simpson Speedway
Car Owner

Date: V4

Car Owner: Carly Walsh

Driver: Carly Walsh

Sponsors: Indy race parts , Gibbtrans , Tyre factory warrnambool

Date: V5

Car Owner: Paul Drew

Driver: Paul Drew

Sponsors: Pablo Eskbro

Date: V7

Car Owner: David Alford

Driver: David Alford

Sponsors: alfies excavation & plant hire / DBA haulage

Date: VX10

Car Owner: Steven Loader

Driver: Steven Loader

Sponsors: power house engines / magnet towing

Date: VX12

Car Owner: Matt Mills

Driver: Matt Mills

Sponsors: Mills Brothers Racing / PetRescue

Date: VX14

Car Owner: Shaun Lyness

Driver: Shaun Lyness

Sponsors: Lyness steel fabricators / Westvic sheds

Date: VX25

Car Owner: Gary McCallum

Driver: Gary McCallum

Sponsors: Cooriemungle contracting

Date: V39

Car Owner: Tyson Benson

Driver: Michael McDonald

Sponsors: Otway Civil / SH Earthmoving

Date: VX44

Car Owner: Glen Harris

Driver: Glen Harris

Sponsors: Top Deck Silver Stud / Aunty Andi\'s Catering

Date: V48

Car Owner: Michael Skene

Driver: Michael Skene

Sponsors: salt electrical / littleboot cafe,racer imports,

Date: V50

Car Owner: Robert Stevenson

Driver: Robert Stevenson


Date: V62

Car Owner: Trevor Bullock

Driver: Graeme McDonald

Sponsors: Ace Crash Repairs

Date: V66

Car Owner: Marc Evans

Driver: Marc Evans

Sponsors: Tarawill Building Design / Parr Motorsports, Liftfit Australia, The Mindful Centre, BrandFX, Farren Group

Date: V67

Car Owner: raymond halesworth

Driver: Christopher Halesworth

Sponsors: Technique bricklaying / A+powder coating

Date: V70

Car Owner: Aron Lawrence

Driver: Aron Lawrence

Sponsors: Metfab Steel / Allstar Graphics

Date: V76

Car Owner: Kelvin Johnson

Driver: Kelvin Johnson

Sponsors: Warrnambool Caravan Repairs / Southwest Master Painters/Crossfit Warrnambool

Date: V79

Car Owner: clint mclaren

Driver: clint mclaren

Sponsors: muzztrans / national truck signs

Date: V88

Car Owner: Renae Eastham

Driver: Renae Eastham

Sponsors: Victory Lane Racegear / Believe In Your Beaty

Date: N90

Car Owner: Evan O'Bryan

Driver: Evan O'Bryan

Sponsors: D & F Race Products / Townsend Service Centre

Date: V91

Car Owner: Bianca Klemm

Driver: Bianca Klemm

Sponsors: Klemm transport / Bubble Bunnies

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