Series Name: Magnet Towing VWS Super Series 2019/20
Season: 2019/20
Event Date: 23rd Nov 2019 4:00 PM
Total Nominations: 13
Track: Southern 500 Speedway - Portland
Event Notes: Nominations close at 11:59pm 17/11/2019 For the full VWS Super Series Supp Regs visit;
Car Owner

Date: VX15

Car Owner: Greg Bishop

Driver: Greg Bishop

Sponsors: Bushys Fencing and Plumbing / Westvic sheds and garages

Date: V27

Car Owner: Ben Shaw

Driver: Ben Shaw

Sponsors: CJ Milton Excavations / Airbag Man

Date: VX35

Car Owner: Shaun Clapp

Driver: Shaun Clapp

Sponsors: Watts Excavations / The Tyre Factory

Date: S35

Car Owner: Mitchell Broome

Driver: Mitchell Broome

Sponsors: MG Plasterers / BP Gambier West

Date: VX38

Car Owner: Leigh armistead

Driver: Leigh armistead

Sponsors: Premix concrete suppliers Colac , walker panels

Date: VX41

Car Owner: Aaron Kennett

Driver: Aaron Kennett

Sponsors: Hamilton Diesel Repairs & Spares

Date: VX44

Car Owner: Glen Harris

Driver: Glen Harris

Sponsors: Top Deck Silver Stud / Aunty Andi\\\'s Catering

Date: VX50

Car Owner: Luke Weel

Driver: Luke Weel

Sponsors: Bosses Pest Control - Parlours Hardware / South West Conveyancing - Pearce Performance Products

Date: V62

Car Owner: Trevor Bullock

Driver: Trevor Bullock

Sponsors: Ace Crash Repairs

Date: V81

Car Owner: Matt Bartlett

Driver: Matt Bartlett

Sponsors: Bartlett Brother\\\'s Stone Masons

Date: VX91

Car Owner: Ben Poliansky

Driver: Ben Poliansky

Sponsors: Magnet Towing / Garden City Wreckers / DT Race Fabrication / Mark Haby Motors

Date: V95

Car Owner: Geoff Cook

Driver: Geoff Cook

Sponsors: The Tyre Factory Warrnambool / Gulf Western Oil,Malone Race Engines,Watts Excavations

Date: VX97

Car Owner: Blake walsh

Driver: Blake walsh

Sponsors: Mental Transport , LPS / Yarra valley towing

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