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Season: 2017/18
Event Date: 23rd Sep 2017 12:01 AM
Total Nominations: 8
Track: Murray Bridge Speedway
Car Owner

Date: S10

Car Owner: William Caruso

Driver: William Caruso

Sponsors: Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science / Pro4x4 / Fruit Wise / Steve Wickes Powder Coating

Date: S16

Car Owner: Joel Heinrich

Driver: Joel Heinrich

Sponsors: Heinrich Performance & Tuning / ULX-110, Trik Trailers

Date: S21

Car Owner: Matthew Kennedy

Driver: Matthew Kennedy


Date: S23

Car Owner: Jack McCarthy

Driver: Jack McCarthy


Date: S24

Car Owner: Aaron Doe

Driver: Aaron Doe

Sponsors: Smithfield Mechanical Repairs / TW Engineering

Date: S30

Car Owner: Neil Andrews

Driver: Jaime Lee Andrews


Date: S46

Car Owner: Spencer Taylor


Sponsors: Sponsors required

Date: S47

Car Owner: Andrew May

Driver: Anthony Tapley

Sponsors: Whity's Earthworks / Fox Contractors

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