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Season: 2017/18
Event Date: 12th May 2018 12:01 AM
Total Nominations: 26
Track: Timmis Speedway
Car Owner

Date: S47

Car Owner: Andrew May

Driver: Anthony Tapley

Results: A - 1st

Points: 0

Date: S44

Car Owner: Lucy Evans

Driver: Daniel Evans

Results: A - 2nd

Points: 0

Date: V19

Car Owner: Sam Wren

Driver: Sam Wren

Results: A - 3rd

Points: 0

Date: S8

Car Owner: Darryl Sloan

Driver: Robert Heard

Results: A - 4th

Points: 0

Date: V2

Car Owner: Larry Fitzpatrick

Driver: Travis Millar

Results: A - 5th

Points: 0

Date: S91

Car Owner: Brent Fox

Driver: Brent Fox

Results: A - 6th

Points: 0

Date: N42

Car Owner: Steven Pacchiarotta

Driver: Zac Pacchiarotta

Results: A - 7th

Points: 0

Date: S69

Car Owner: Brad Beasley

Driver: Brad Beasley

Results: A - 8th

Points: 0

Date: V26

Car Owner: Luke Schneider

Driver: Luke Schneider

Results: A - 9th

Points: 0

Date: S4

Car Owner: Travis Beasley

Driver: Travis Beasley

Results: A - 10th

Points: 0

Date: N61

Car Owner: Peter Granger

Driver: Peter Granger

Results: A - 11th

Points: 0

Date: S79

Car Owner: Shane Hammerstein

Driver: Shane Hammerstein

Results: A - 12th

Points: 0

Date: NX9

Car Owner: Andrew Seery

Driver: Andrew Seery

Results: A - 13th

Points: 0

Date: V24

Car Owner: Michael Lovell

Driver: Michael Lovell

Results: A - 14th

Points: 0

Date: VX2

Car Owner: Robert Whiteside

Driver: Robert Whiteside

Results: A - 15th

Points: 0

Date: S37

Car Owner: Anthony McMillan

Driver: Anthony McMillan

Results: A - 16th

Points: 0

Date: S73

Car Owner: Anthony McMillan

Driver: Melissa McMillan

Results: A - 17th

Points: 0

Date: S10

Car Owner: William Caruso

Driver: William Caruso

Results: A - DNF

Points: 0

Date: V30

Car Owner: Travis Evans

Driver: Tony Moule

Results: A - DNF

Points: 0

Date: S51

Car Owner: Jay Brown

Driver: Jay Brown

Results: A - DNS

Points: 0

Date: N70

Car Owner: Terence McInerney

Driver: Terence McInerney

Results: B - 5th

Points: 0

Date: VX10

Car Owner: Steven Loader

Driver: Steven Loader

Results: B - 6th

Points: 0

Date: N90

Car Owner: Evan O'Bryan

Driver: Evan O'Bryan

Results: B - 7th

Points: 0

Date: V46

Car Owner: Matthew Abbott

Driver: Jordan Abbott

Results: B - DNS

Points: 0

Date: S52

Car Owner: Jordon Bolitho

Driver: Jordon Bolitho

Results: B - DNF

Points: 0

Date: VX77

Car Owner: Travis Evans

Driver: Travis Evans

Results: B - DNS

Points: 0

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