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Series Name: Lismore Club Championship
Season: 2017/18
Event Date: 18th Nov 2017 2:00 PM
Total Nominations: 8
Track: Lismore Speedway
Car Owner

Date: N11

Car Owner: Kevin Willis


Sponsors: EFI Automotive Parts & Service / Lismore Tractors and Machinery , TECNICAIR , Raceworks

Date: NX32

Car Owner: Errol Campbell

Driver: Errol Campbell

Sponsors: Campbell Shed Products

Date: NX33

Car Owner: Steven McInnes


Sponsors: Afco Shock Doctor / Cutting Edge Mowers/ Jenkins Courier Service/Rodney\'s Auto Servicing

Date: N44

Car Owner: Natasha Herne

Driver: Natasha Herne

Sponsors: Hernes Freight Service / Shell

Date: NX56

Car Owner: Mason Cattell

Driver: Mason Cattell

Sponsors: Connolly Key Joint

Date: NX71

Car Owner: David Eggins

Driver: David Eggins

Sponsors: ROBMAC Harvesters

Date: NX83

Car Owner: Matthew Wright

Driver: Matthew Wright

Sponsors: santin automotive Cutting edge mowers / Global lubricant distributors Ben Dailey signs /FR industries /Total Trimming

Date: V83

Car Owner: Todd Hobson

Driver: Todd Hobson

Sponsors: Russell Steel Sales / Tooradin Automotive

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