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Season: 2017/18
Event Date: 2nd Feb 2018 12:01 AM
Total Nominations: 98
Track: Valvoline Raceway
Car Owner

Date: N2

Car Owner: Tony Powell

Driver: Robert Mazzer

Sponsors: Blackwoods / Caravan City Sales, Nova Caravans, Lismore Diesel, Fix Rim, FK Shocks

Date: V2

Car Owner: Larry Fitzpatrick

Driver: Travis Millar

Sponsors: Cooper St Self Storage / TRex Excavations

Date: W3

Car Owner: Mathew Iwanow

Driver: Matthew Iwanow


Date: NX3

Car Owner: Jeff Pyne

Driver: Mitchell Pyne

Sponsors: Tan Van

Date: V4

Car Owner: Carly Walsh

Driver: Carly Walsh

Sponsors: Essendon ford , Gibbtrans , WFR

Date: S4

Car Owner: Travis Beasley

Driver: Travis Beasley

Sponsors: One on One training / Matthews and Associates

Date: N4

Car Owner: Jason Davis

Driver: Jason Davis


Date: S5

Car Owner: Joel Chadwick

Driver: Joel Chadwick

Sponsors: Complete Exhaust Specialist / Lucas Oils, Kroon Tipper Hire, ASCO Fabrications, SA Screen Creations

Date: NX5

Car Owner: Max Risbridger

Driver: Max Risbridger

Sponsors: Anywhere Partitions & Fitouts PTY LTD

Date: N5

Car Owner: Mark Blyton

Driver: Mark Blyton

Sponsors: Dyno Flow Exhausts

Date: NX6

Car Owner: Warren King

Driver: Warren King


Date: N7

Car Owner: Jeff Neve

Driver: Jeff Neve

Sponsors: Century Batteries / Elite Property Maintenance

Date: NX9

Car Owner: Andrew Seery

Driver: Andrew Seery


Date: N10

Car Owner: Geoff Piekar

Driver: Geoff Piekar


Date: T10

Car Owner: Luke Redpath

Driver: Luke Redpath

Sponsors: Floorworld

Date: V11

Car Owner: Mathew Symons

Driver: Matthew Symons


Date: NX11

Car Owner: John Newman

Driver: John Newman


Date: N12

Car Owner: Brock Gardiner

Driver: Brock Gardiner

Sponsors: kelly holden/ valvoline tyre power gates head highlineracewear / racing graphics hunter trade colledge heddon greta hotel r&j batteries jason kemp advanced driver training

Date: VX14

Car Owner: Shaun Lyness

Driver: Shaun Lyness

Sponsors: Lyness steel fabricators / Westvic sheds

Date: N14

Car Owner: John McRae

Driver: John McRae

Sponsors: Crossbones Gallery & Design/Alien Graphics / Webber Industries/Thurston Signs & Engraving

Date: N15

Car Owner: Jamison Blyton

Driver: Jamison Blyton

Sponsors: Dyno Flow Exhausts / Darcys Truck Repairs

Date: V16

Car Owner: Wayne Logue

Driver: Wayne Logue

Sponsors: u pick car wreckers morwell / cheap tyres morwell

Date: N16

Car Owner: Ashleigh Jack

Driver: Ashleigh Jack


Date: V17

Car Owner: Andrew Hibbert

Driver: Andrew Hibbert

Sponsors: Torquay Newsagency / Geelong Carbs / AndyFX

Date: N17

Car Owner: Lawrence McDougall

Driver: Lawrence McDougall


Date: Q18

Car Owner: Brody Thomsen

Driver: Brody Thomsen


Date: N19

Car Owner: Cody Boulding

Driver: Cody Boulding

Sponsors: Wells transport .Yass valley tyres .Yass outdoor power centre.Country charm.

Date: N21

Car Owner: Sean Dicker

Driver: Sean Dicker

Sponsors: Craft Differentials / Valley Crete Concrete Specialist

Date: NX21

Car Owner: Kyle Ionn

Driver: Kyle Ionn

Sponsors: DSR Cranes

Date: NX22

Car Owner: Jake Ionn

Driver: Jake Ionn

Sponsors: Dsr cranes

Date: V23

Car Owner: Mathew Balcombe

Driver: Mathew Balcombe

Sponsors: Heytesbury Stockfeeds

Date: S24

Car Owner: Aaron Doe

Driver: Aaron Doe

Sponsors: Smithfield Mechanical Repairs / TW Engineering /ROLLERCO window and door parts

Date: NX24

Car Owner: Brad Angel

Driver: Kyle Angel

Sponsors: Angels Roofing Accessories / Unicote

Date: N27

Car Owner: Parker Eveleigh

Driver: Parker Eveleigh

Sponsors: Michael's Mechanical and Speedway Repairs / Bestmann Photography. Webber Racing Industries

Date: V28

Car Owner: Luke Weel

Driver: Luke Weel

Sponsors: Heytesbury Stockfeeds

Date: V30

Car Owner: Travis Evans

Driver: Tony Moule

Sponsors: Latrobe Waste& Recycling / MCF Trailers

Date: N31

Car Owner: Jason Martin

Driver: Jason Martin


Date: NX31

Car Owner: Joel Rhind

Driver: Joel Rhind

Sponsors: Kingsfeld Excavations & Haulage Contractors

Date: N32

Car Owner: Wayne Arnold

Driver: Wayne Arnold


Date: V33

Car Owner: Luke Storer

Driver: Luke Storer

Sponsors: castrol edge / bill storer motors

Date: S35

Car Owner: Mitchell Broome

Driver: Mitchell Broome

Sponsors: MG Plasterers / BP Gambier West

Date: N35

Car Owner: Sean Mayo

Driver: Sean Mayo

Sponsors: Badass Graphics / Blackshaw smash repair

Date: V35

Car Owner: Glenn Watts

Driver: Glenn Watts

Sponsors: Watts Excavations / The Tyre Factory Warrnambool

Date: NX36

Car Owner: Michael Butcher

Driver: Michael Butcher


Date: V36

Car Owner: David Cook

Driver: David Cook

Sponsors: Warrick Young Plumbing / The Tyre Factory Warrnambool

Date: N37

Car Owner: Simon Bestmann

Driver: Simon Bestmann

Sponsors: ASAP express delivery / Pro signs

Date: N38

Car Owner: Michael Santin

Driver: Michael Santin

Sponsors:  /

Date: N40

Car Owner: Lou Pacchiarotta

Driver: Lou Pacchiarotta

Sponsors: Statewide Forklifts / Axis Industrial Tyres

Date: N41

Car Owner: Jason Bates

Driver: Jason Bates

Sponsors: Mobile Plastic & Vinyl Repairs / Mobile Laser alignment,,,,Fruitwheels

Date: W42

Car Owner: Mitchell White

Driver: Mitchell White

Sponsors: Racin Tyres & Accessories / Mandurah Bolt Supplies

Date: N42

Car Owner: Steven Pacchiarotta

Driver: Zac Pacchiarotta

Sponsors: Statewide Forklifts/Nichiyu Electric Forklifts/Mr Filter / Axis Industrial Tyres/BKT Tyres/SWFRacing

Date: V43

Car Owner: Daniel Storer

Driver: Daniel Storer

Sponsors: castrol edge / bill storer motors

Date: N44

Car Owner: Natasha Herne

Driver: Natasha Herne

Sponsors: Hernes Freight Service / Shell

Date: N45

Car Owner: Troy Carey

Driver: Troy Carey

Sponsors: Supreme Heat / Repco / Tullamore Hotel / Troy Carey Transport

Date: S46

Car Owner: Spencer Taylor

Driver: Spencer Taylor

Sponsors: Taylormade Wings

Date: VX46

Car Owner: Michael McDonald

Driver: Michael McDonald


Date: S47

Car Owner: Andrew May

Driver: Anthony Tapley

Sponsors: Whity's Earthworks / Fox Contractors

Date: V48

Car Owner: Michael Skene

Driver: Michael Skene

Sponsors: salt electrical / norlane pizza box,racer imports,

Date: NX48

Car Owner: Andrew Williams

Driver: Tyson Williams

Sponsors: Krizmik Industries TWR / Fast Print Studio

Date: N50

Car Owner: Graham Flood

Driver: Graham Flood


Date: N51

Car Owner: Dean Thomas

Driver: Dean Thomas

Sponsors: Flair Dancewear

Date: N52

Car Owner: Steve Thomas

Driver: Steven Thomas


Date: V52

Car Owner: Scott Irons

Driver: Scott Irons

Sponsors: Set Play, Victory Lane Racegear, Bin Land, Northside Fire Protection

Date: N53

Car Owner: Jeffrey Thomas

Driver: Jeffrey Thomas


Date: N56

Car Owner: Michael Gray

Driver: Michael Gray


Date: N57

Car Owner: Harley Smee

Driver: Harley Smee


Date: N58

Car Owner: Luke Sayre

Driver: Luke Sayre

Sponsors: Aussie Forklift Repairs

Date: N60

Car Owner: Daniel Flood

Driver: Daniel Flood


Date: N61

Car Owner: Peter Granger

Driver: Peter Granger

Sponsors:  / Lee & Thomas auto electrical

Date: V64

Car Owner: Brittany Kuypers

Driver: Brittany Kuypers

Sponsors: B&B Off Road Engineering / Schmidt Alloy Products

Date: V67

Car Owner: Ray Halesworth

Driver: Christopher Halesworth

Sponsors: Technique bricklaying

Date: S69

Car Owner: Brad Beasley

Driver: Brad Beasley

Sponsors: One On One Training / Beasley Motorsports

Date: V70

Car Owner: Aron Lawrence

Driver: Aron Lawrence

Sponsors: Metfab / Allstar Graphics

Date: NX71

Car Owner: David Eggins

Driver: David Eggins

Sponsors: ROBMAC Harvesters

Date: N72

Car Owner: Coby Elliott

Driver: Coby Elliott


Date: NX72

Car Owner: Troy Baker

Driver: Troy Baker

Sponsors: Baker Preciosion Engines, / Baker Installations, Swim Sport Coaching

Date: N74

Car Owner: Mitch Manning

Driver: Mitch Manning

Sponsors: djs air conditioning and refrigeration / heartland holden penrith , autism awareness , richmond prestige smash repairs

Date: V77

Car Owner: Alex Thomson

Driver: Alex Thomson

Sponsors: Lowes Auto n 4x4 / SWI

Date: VX77

Car Owner: Travis Evans

Driver: Travis Evans


Date: W77

Car Owner: Daniel Hartigan

Driver: Daniel Hartigan

Sponsors: Wright Choice Painting - GKR Transport / Fibre Furn Tanks - Fellowes Flooring - GWM

Date: N78

Car Owner: Mathew McRae

Driver: Drew Hillman


Date: V79

Car Owner: Clint McLaren

Driver: Clint McLaren


Date: N80

Car Owner: Trent Martin

Driver: Trent Martin

Sponsors: Mac Master Nut Harvesters / Lismore Tractor and Machinery Centre

Date: NX82

Car Owner: Nathan Dicker

Driver: Nathan Dicker


Date: N83

Car Owner: Darryl Marshall

Driver: Darryl Marshall


Date: V83

Car Owner: Todd Hobson

Driver: Todd Hobson

Sponsors: Russell Steel Sales / Tooradin Automotive, Kool Freighters, Pearce Performance Products, Hobson Innovations, Polish N Shine, Salt Electrical

Date: N84

Car Owner: Jarrad Rust

Driver: Jarrad Rust


Date: N85

Car Owner: Peter Craft

Driver: Brian Briton

Sponsors: Craft Diffs / Motoradco/Natrad

Date: N86

Car Owner: Nicholas Tatnell

Driver: Nicholas Tatnell

Sponsors: craft differentials / dk custom parts

Date: T87

Car Owner: Bradley Walkley

Driver: Bradley Walkley


Date: N89

Car Owner: Jacqui Salmon

Driver: Jacqui Salmon

Sponsors: american race tires and services / race safety

Date: N94

Car Owner: Shane Chippindale

Driver: Shane Chippindale


Date: V95

Car Owner: Geoff Cook

Driver: Geoff Cook

Sponsors: The Tyre Factory Warrnambool / Gulf Western Oil

Date: N97

Car Owner: Brad Mock

Driver: Kyle Mock


Date: N98

Car Owner: Leighton O'Brien

Driver: Leighton O'Brien

Sponsors: Autocraze , apl poker league, / Autocraze

Date: V98

Car Owner: Peter Logue

Driver: Peter Logue

Sponsors: Cheap Tyres Morwell

Date: Q99

Car Owner: Glenn Wright

Driver: Glenn Wright

Sponsors: Mooko Racing / Hotknoxx

Date: N99

Car Owner: Mitchell O'Brien

Driver: Mitchell O'Brien

Sponsors: Xpresso Mobile Cafe' / Autotek Mechanical & Heavy Vehicle Services

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