Series Name: IBRP 2017-18 Wingless Sprints QLD Club Championship
Season: 2017/18
Event Date: 16th Dec 2017 2:00 PM
Total Nominations: 22
Track: Hi-Tec Oils Speedway
Event Notes: Pink Ribbon Night
Car Owner

Date: NX71

Car Owner: David Eggins

Driver: David Eggins

Results: A - 1st

Points: 139

Date: Q99

Car Owner: Glenn Wright

Driver: Glenn Wright

Results: A - 2nd

Points: 127

Date: N2

Car Owner: Tony Powell

Driver: Robert Mazzer

Results: A - 3rd

Points: 114

Date: Q49

Car Owner: Cody O'Connell

Driver: Cody O'Connell

Results: A - 4th

Points: 113

Date: Q54

Car Owner: Brant Chandler

Driver: Brant Chandler

Results: A - 5th

Points: 100

Date: NX36

Car Owner: Michael Butcher

Driver: Michael Butcher

Results: A - 6th

Points: 99

Date: Q2

Car Owner: Bradley Keiler

Driver: Bradley Keiler

Results: A - 7th

Points: 88

Date: Q30

Car Owner: Joshua Dreaver

Driver: Joshua Dreaver

Results: A - 8th

Points: 86

Date: NX56

Car Owner: Mason Cattell

Driver: Mason Cattell

Results: A - 9th

Points: 79

Date: Q74

Car Owner: Geoff Davey

Driver: Geoff Davey

Results: A - 10th

Points: 73

Date: Q28

Car Owner: Paul Robinson

Driver: Paul Robinson

Results: A - 11th

Points: 66

Date: NX83

Car Owner: Matthew Wright

Driver: Matthew Wright

Results: A - 12th

Points: 61

Date: Q20

Car Owner: Brian Dixon

Driver: Brian Dixon

Results: A - 13th

Points: 46

Date: NX77

Car Owner: Michael Reid

Driver: Michael Reid

Results: A - 14th

Points: 45

Date: Q68

Car Owner: Stevie Love

Driver: Stevie Love

Results: A - 15th

Points: 36

Date: Q12

Car Owner: Paul Taylor

Driver: Paul Taylor

Results: A - 16th

Points: 28

Date: Q5

Car Owner: David Ellis

Driver: David Ellis

Results:  - DNS

Points: 20

Date: Q9

Car Owner: Tim Harris

Driver: Ryan Harris

Results:  - DNS

Points: 0

Date: NX13

Car Owner: Adam Bailey

Driver: Ben Hull

Results:  - DNQ

Points: 0

Date: NX33

Car Owner: Steven McInnes

Driver: Steven McInnes

Results:  - DNQ

Points: 0

Date: Q49

Car Owner: Cody O'Connell

Driver: Cody O'Connell

Results:  - DNF

Points: 0

Date: Q60

Car Owner: Michael Lampard

Driver: Mick Lampard

Results:  - DNQ

Points: 0

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