Series Name: WSWA Championship Series
Season: 2018/19
Event Date: 15th Sep 2018 2:00 PM
Total Nominations: 13
Track: Kellerberrin Speedway
Event Notes: $100 tow money is on offer for all drivers who race at Kellerberrin. $55 dollar nomination fee required. $50 will be refunded to the driver following the race. $5 of the nom fee is for covering the cost of the online processing fee. It's a $15 dollar entry fee per driver and/or crew. 1 driver and 1 crew per car will have their entry cost refunded after the race. All tow and refundable entry moneys to be paid out at the trophy presentation following the racing. You must attend to receive your money. Camping is available at the track for those that want to avoid the drive home. The memeber's of the track will be cooking a bbq breakfast the next morning. $5 for a bacon and egg roll. Toilets and shower facilities available at the track.
Car Owner

Date: W29

Car Owner: Chad Pittard

Driver: Chad Pittard

Results:  - 1st

Points: 115

Date: W56

Car Owner: Brendon Wedge

Driver: Brendon Wedge

Results:  - 2nd

Points: 84

Date: W84

Car Owner: Daran Humfrey

Driver: Daran Humfrey

Results:  - 3rd

Points: 76

Date: W17

Car Owner: Brad Taylor

Driver: Brad Taylor

Results:  - 4th

Points: 65

Date: W55

Car Owner: Geoff Leeson

Driver: Geoff Leeson

Results:  - 5th

Points: 62

Date: W2

Car Owner: Brody Miller

Driver: Brody Miller

Results:  - 6th

Points: 49

Date: W18

Car Owner: Trevor Jolly

Driver: Trevor Jolly

Results:  - 7th

Points: 65

Date: W31

Car Owner: David Worrall

Driver: David Worrall

Results:  - 8th

Points: 49

Date: W13

Car Owner: James Bissaker

Driver: James Bissaker

Results:  - DNF

Points: 0

Date: W47

Car Owner: Cody Dobinson

Driver: Cody Dobinson

Results:  - DNF

Points: 32

Date: W94

Car Owner: Warren Hunter

Driver: Warren Hunter

Results:  - DNS

Points: 27

Date: W95

Car Owner: Ash Hounsfield

Driver: Ash Hounsfield

Results:  - DNF

Points: 39

Date: W96

Car Owner: Brad Fitzgerald

Driver: Brad Fitzgerald

Results:  - DNS

Points: 0

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