Season: 2018/19
Event Date: 29th Jun 2019 4:30 PM
Total Nominations: 9
Track: Northline Speedway
Event Notes: All nominations for this race meeting must also be made and paid through the DSRDA website. Nominations for this meeting on the DSRDA website close midnight Monday 24th June 2019
Car Owner

Date: N45

Car Owner: Troy Carey*

Driver: Troy Carey

Results: A - 1st

Points: 0

Date: NX72

Car Owner: Troy Baker

Driver: Nathan Dicker

Results: A - 2nd

Points: 0

Date: NT75

Car Owner: Tyson Newcombe

Driver: Tyson Newcombe

Results: A - 3rd

Points: 0

Date: NT4

Car Owner: Sean Tiedeman

Driver: Sean Tiedeman

Results: A - 4th

Points: 0

Date: NT61

Car Owner: Matthew Sealy*

Driver: Matthew Sealy

Results: A - 5th

Points: 0

Date: NT18

Car Owner: Joshua Norman

Driver: Joshua Norman

Results: A - 6th

Points: 0

Date: NT77

Car Owner: Kyle Wiseman

Driver: Kyle Wiseman

Results: A - DNS

Points: 0

Date: NT81

Car Owner: Shane Norman

Driver: Jarrod Goldoni

Results: A - DNF

Points: 0

Date: NT99

Car Owner: Zack Grimshaw

Driver: Zack Grimshaw

Results: A - DNS

Points: 0

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