On The Trail For Sweet Easter Success

By Phil Michell Motorsport Media

The Easter Wingless Sprint Trail throughout Victoria and South Australia returns this weekend with a slightly different schedule than previous years with the Trail beginning at the Timmis Speedway at Mildura on Friday night before finishing up at the Murray Machining and Sheds Murray Bridge Speedway on Saturday and Sunday night.

In all a total of 23 drivers will compete in at least 1 night of the Trail with the biggest field of the weekend expected at Murray Bridge with 17 drivers nominated for both nights of action.

The Friday night field has been bolstered by the local Mildura cars with 12 cars expected but unfortunately none of the locals will continue down the road to Murray Bridge.

Of the 12 drivers who will tackle the Timmis Speedway 6 drivers, including dual Australian Champion Joel Chadwick, New South Wales racer Tyson Williams, Victorian Clint McLaren and South Australians Anthony Tapley, who is sure to challenge for the overall honours, Daniel Smith and Ben Harris are set to race on all three occasions.

Joining the Trail at Murray Bridge will be a while host of contenders who will be out to win a main event with last weeks winner Joel Heinrich, Spencer Taylor, Jake Ashworth, Brad Evans and William Caruso taking in rounds 2 and 3.

The real wildcards in the field could be Jarman Dalitz and Robert Heard. Both Dalitz and Heard have had their share of success in the Wingless Sprints over the years before moving on onto Sprintcars and Speedcars respectively. Dalitz will drive for Victorian car owner Ran MacLurkin while Heard will drive the Darryl Sloan owned #8.

Nominations For the 2018 Easter Trail March 30, 31 and April 1, 2018 –
Timmis Speedway & Murray Bridge Speedway:

A1 Joel Chadwick (All)
S2 Jake Ashworth (Rd 2 & 3)
S4 Travis Beasley (Rd1)
VX5 Jarman Dalitz (Rd 2 & 3)
S8 Robert Heard (Rd 2 & 3)
S9 Ben Harris (ROF) (All)
S10 William Caruso (Rd 2 & 3)
S16 Joel Heinrich (Rd 2 & 3)
S22 Jamie Crafter(Rd 2 & 3)
S30 Jaime Lee Andrews (Rd 2 & 3)
S32 Daniel Smith (All)
S33 Brad Evans (Rd 2 & 3)
S37 Anthony McMillan (Rd 1)
S46 Spencer Taylor (Rd 2 & 3)
S47 Anthony Tapley (All)
NX48 Tyson Williams (All)
S51 Jay Brown (Rd1)
S52 Jordon Bolitho (Rd1)
S69 Brad Beasley (Rd1)
S73 Melissa McMillan (Rd1)
S77 Michael Barker (Rd 2 & 3)
S79 Shane Hammerstein (Rd 2 & 3)
V79 Clint McLaren (All)

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