Series Name: NSW Wingless Club Championship
Season: 2018/19
Event Date: 30th Mar 2019 12:00 PM
Total Nominations: 36
Track: Dubbo NSW
Car Owner

Date: NX3

Car Owner: Jeffrey Pyne

Driver: Mitchell Pyne

Sponsors: Bombshell / Attards Kitchens

Date: N5

Car Owner: Mark Blyton

Driver: Mark Blyton

Sponsors: Dyno flow exhausts

Date: NX9

Car Owner: Andrew Seery

Driver: Andrew Seery


Date: N12

Car Owner: Brock Gardiner

Driver: Brock Gardiner

Sponsors: / valvoline tyre power gates head highlineracewear / Heddon greta hotel /argenton automotive repairs /

Date: N13

Car Owner: Scott Fitzgerald

Driver: Scott Fitzgerald

Sponsors: MPF engineering / Junee jet cit

Date: N15

Car Owner: Jamison Blyton

Driver: Jamison Blyton

Sponsors: Dyno Flow Exhausts / Grasssroots turfcare

Date: NX15

Car Owner: Amy Shute

Driver: Amy Shute

Sponsors: Busi Bodies health and fitness / Sam\'s Mobile Beauty

Date: NX16

Car Owner: Andrew Sayre

Driver: Andrew Sayre

Sponsors: Aussie Forklift Repairs

Date: N16

Car Owner: Ashleigh Jack

Driver: Ashleigh Jack

Sponsors: Aussie Forklift Repairs / Pass Powdercoating, Atlantic Oil

Date: N19

Car Owner: Cody Boulding

Driver: Cody Boulding

Sponsors: Wells transport /Yass valley tyres /Yass outdoor power centre/Country charm.

Date: N23

Car Owner: Courtney Smith

Driver: Jamie Dicker

Sponsors: Dicker Stickers / Dicker Glass, Grizzly Dyno Shocks, VRT

Date: N24

Car Owner: mitchell Davey

Driver: mitchell Davey

Sponsors: Connected Contracting Civil and Drainage / The Fire Trade Co.

Date: N25

Car Owner: Marshall Blyton

Driver: Marshall Blyton

Sponsors: Dyno Flow Exhausts / Grassroots Turfcare

Date: N26

Car Owner: Tim Reed

Driver: Tim Reed


Date: N27

Car Owner: Parker Eveleigh

Driver: Parker Eveleigh

Sponsors: Michael\'s Mechanical and Speedway Repairs / Bestmann Photography. Webber Racing Industries ,Scorpionracewear

Date: N30

Car Owner: Jack Gray

Driver: Jack Gray

Sponsors: Dubbo Landscaping / Mackay Ag And Earthmoving, DRC Contracting

Date: NX31

Car Owner: Joel Rhind

Driver: Joel Rhind

Sponsors: Kingsfeld Excavations & Haulage Contractors / Hi tec oils , Blackshaws Smash Repairs

Date: N34

Car Owner: Adam Hotchkis

Driver: Adam Hotchkis

Sponsors:  / REPCO Gregory Hills

Date: NX37

Car Owner: Jaidyn Boulding

Driver: Jaidyn Boulding

Sponsors: Wells transport .Yass valley tyres .Yass outdoor power centre.Country charm.

Date: NX41

Car Owner: Matthew Nikiforoff

Driver: Matthew Nikiforoff


Date: N41

Car Owner: Jason Bates

Driver: Jason Bates

Sponsors: Mobile Plastic & Vinyl Repairs / Aussie Forklift Repairs,,,,, Castrol,,Craft Diffs

Date: N42

Car Owner: Zac Pacchiarotta

Driver: Zac Pacchiarotta

Sponsors: Statewide Forklifts/Nichiyu Electric Forklifts/Mr Filter / Axis Industrial Tyres/BKT Tyres/Sculli Blinds and Screens/Tom Heath Transport/Indy Race Parts/SWFRacing

Date: N45

Car Owner: Troy Carey

Driver: Troy Carey

Sponsors: troy carey motorsport

Date: NX45

Car Owner: Troy Carey

Driver: Chloe Carey

Sponsors: troy carey motorsport

Date: N48

Car Owner: Blake Darcy

Driver: Dylan Williams

Sponsors: Fruitwheels Refrigerated Transport / Darcys Truck Repairs

Date: N58

Car Owner: Luke Sayre

Driver: Matthew Pescod

Sponsors: Aussie Forklift Repairs / Pass Powdercoating, Atlantic Oil

Date: NX60

Car Owner: Graham Flood

Driver: Graham Flood

Sponsors: flood automotive sparking larkings electrical / as &kb constuctions bursons liverpool

Date: NX61

Car Owner: michael matchett

Driver: ben matchett

Sponsors: tmr painting p/l

Date: N61

Car Owner: Peter Granger

Driver: Peter Granger

Sponsors: SuperCharge Batteries / Repco, Lee & Thomas auto electrical

Date: N62

Car Owner: Christopher Collins

Driver: Christopher Collins

Sponsors: Highline Photography / Statewide Forklifts

Date: N71

Car Owner: Cassandra Piper

Driver: Marcus Rumsey

Sponsors: Aussie Sprintcar Buy n Sell / Blayney Pit Stop Auto's, B & J Pest Control, Lee Heyes Automotive, Race

Date: NX72

Car Owner: Troy Baker

Driver: Nathan Dicker


Date: N81

Car Owner: Andrew Smith

Driver: Andrew Smith

Sponsors: Mitch bower constructions. Nigel Bourke constructions. maas group / Nick Ryan removals. Jj rural contacting. Armatree hotel. Wellington self storage

Date: N83

Car Owner: Darryl Marshall

Driver: Darryl Marshall


Date: N87

Car Owner: Matthew Thacker

Driver: Matthew Thacker

Sponsors: binburra services / Raven nails / Webber racing industries

Date: N89

Car Owner: Jacqui Salmon

Driver: Jacqui Salmon

Sponsors: american race tires and services / Why walk cars

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