Series Name: Northern Rivers Club Championship
Season: 2019/20
Event Date: 26th Dec 2019 11:00 AM
Total Nominations: 9
Track: Lismore Speedway
Car Owner

Date: NX7

Car Owner: Mitchell Bootland

Driver: Mitchell Bootland

Sponsors: Aussie Brakes & Mechanical / Dimar Engineering

Date: N11

Car Owner: Kevin Willis

Driver: Kevin Willis

Sponsors: EFI Automotive Parts & Service / Rodney’s Autos , Unique Electrical , Jack Murray Fencing , Engine Tech , Scotts Mobile Welding

Date: N12

Car Owner: Brock Gardiner

Driver: Brock Gardiner

Sponsors: / valvoline tyre power gates head highlineracewear / Heddon greta hotel /argenton automotive repairs /

Date: NX13

Car Owner: Ben Hull

Driver: Ben Hull

Sponsors:  Newman quarrying / BH contracting, porter built ,

Date: NX27

Car Owner: Jamie Usher

Driver: Jamie Usher

Sponsors: Cambell Shed Products

Date: NX30

Car Owner: Shane Costello

Driver: Shane Costello

Sponsors: Fairdinkum sheds lismore, Wrapt Signs, Tuffass Machinery, Plateau Tyres, Rides Customs

Date: NX34

Car Owner: Mason Cattell

Driver: Mason Cattell

Sponsors: Connolly Concrete Joint / South Lismore Automotive

Date: NX36

Car Owner: Michael Butcher

Driver: Michael Butcher

Sponsors: Cutting Edge Mowers / Hustler

Date: NX77

Car Owner: Michael Reid

Driver: Michael Reid


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