Photo: Jo Richards.

Photo: Jo Richards.


NSW Wingless Sprints are proud to announce the support of Aussie Forklift Repairs for the upcoming 50 Lap Wingless Sprint event at Valvoline Raceway that will feature a unique format that hasn’t been used by the NSW Wingless Sprints in the past.


The momentum for the event, scheduled for Saturday, June 9, has already started to build with increased prizemoney adding a further dimension and with a number of interstate teams expected to enter, it is envisaged the race will gain in stature in the future.


Winning the 50 lap race will see the winner take home a whopping $1500.00. Second place will receive $1000.00 and third place home will receive $500.00. This is news that is sure to get the attention of both NSW and interstate competitors alike.


The format will see drivers draw for their opening heat race and invert and swap rows for their second heat. At the conclusion of the heat racing, the top 16 cars on points will qualify for the 50 lap feature race and 17th and below on points will contest one of the two B mains.

 Now his is where it starts to get interesting.


The top point scorer after the heats will be given the opportunity to race from the back of the field (position 24) and if he or she wins the event, they will pocket an extra $1000.00 on top of the $1500.00 first place prize. If the top point scorer accepts this, then the top seeded driver from the remaining 15 cars that qualified for the feature race will start from position 15. They will then choose who starts from position 14 and so on until all positions are filled. The B-Main transferees will then tag the back of the feature race field as per normal.


In what is sure to raise plenty of eyebrows and create a big talking point, there will also be a competition caution thrown somewhere between laps 35 and 40. This will bunch the field up and a two row restart will be called as drivers get ready to battle the final 10-15 laps.


“We believe this will be an intriguing format and great not only for the fans but for drivers as well,” NSW Wingless Sprints President Wayne Skipper said today.


“I would also like to thank Aussie Forklifts for coming on board and throwing their support behind what we hope will be the biggest Wingless Sprints race on the NSW calendar each year,” Skipper concluded.


There are a number of exciting initiatives being worked on in the lead up to the event with lap sponsorship opportunities being offered. Information on this will be released in the coming days.


So there you have it, make sure you put Saturday, June 9 at Valvoline Raceway in your calendar for the inaugural 50 lapper for the NSW Wingless Sprints held in Sydney.


All competitors who are intending to race are asked to nominate for the event via the AWSR website by Sunday, June 3.

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